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Difficulties with toileting is really common with neurodivergent people. This might be because of sensory reasons or demand avoidance. We've brought together some quick tips that parents and carers from our Facebook community have shared with each other. 

Some neurodivergent children have a reduced sense of interoception, which makes it difficult for them to know when they need to go to the toilet because they lack the internal prompt. It can feel frustrating for them to be continually told to go to the toilet when they don’t think they need to, and can be equally frustrating for the adults around them to have to deal with sudden desperate toilet needs or accidents.

This may be made more noticeable during times of stress, when sensory processing difficulties can become more prevalent, and neurodivergent people may feel more sensitive to sensory stimuli than usual.

Keep to a routine

“Having a toileting routine for our daughter really helped as it just became part of what she did every day. We got her to go to the toilet before each meal and before bed. This has helped massively in reducing accidents (and has got rid of most of the toilet-related arguments as well!)”


Talk to her about it

“We found the concept of a ‘tactical wee’ a useful one (thanks to Bluey!) – so now even if our daughter doesn’t think she needs to go, she will now have a try before we go out. This has made a huge difference.”  

Get school on board

Having the school involved in sending your girl to the toilet at least once during the day, or having a formal toileting plan can really help.


Using wet wipes (which go in the bin, never flushed), can help, as can wearing gloves. Some families let their Daisy use a damp flannel or reusable cloth wipes instead.


Being prepared to help wipe and possibly apply a cream such as Sudocrem, regardless of her age, will help to reduce the chances of soreness and infection.

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A big thankyou to all our parent/carer community for all your contributions!


Join our community: Our private Facebook group is for sharing tips and to connect – it’s for parents or carers of neurodivergent girls or gender diverse young people in south west England.


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