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#BelieveMe film

‘If someone had believed that, as a child, I was waking up every single day thinking, “I’m going to try my absolute best”.  That I wanted to do the right thing all the time. Understanding that this wasn’t wilful. Understanding that I was trying as hard as I could - and I needed help.’
- Suzan Issa, autistic emotional regulation coach & former SENCO

Our new film, 'Believe Me', is for anyone who wants to be a better ally to autistic girls and non-binary young people.


Many autistic people feel that they aren’t believed by the people around them. This can cause lifelong harm, with a serious impact on safety and wellbeing.


The autistic adults in our film wish that, when they were children, just one adult had:


  • Showed curiosity and compassion, and tried to find out what might be going on at a deeper level.

  • Believed them, rather than dismissing their experiences as ‘something everyone goes through’.

  • Assumed that they were trying as hard as they could to 'do the right thing'.

  • Tried to meet them halfway so they weren’t exhausted all the time.


Please share it with anyone you think it would help – like education, health or social care professionals, parents or extended family.

Thank you to the wonderful people who took part in the film: Serafina, Mona, Suzan, Iqra, Rosa, Sumita and Aaron. Thanks also to Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire NHS Integrated Care Board, which funded the project.

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