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Learn about neurodiversity

‘Neurodiversity’ just means that humans are all different in how we think, feel and learn. That’s because all our brains process information in different ways. 


Neurodiversity (what's this?) is important because it helps us find new solutions to problems. It also makes the world more creative, colourful and interesting. If everyone thought and acted in the same way, life would be very boring.


Some people need a few different things to make things, places and activities suit them better. That’s why it’s good to figure out what support they need, and how to get it.  

The more they know what helps them, the easier it will be to achieve the exciting things they dream about doing.


Get comfortable talking about neurodiversity as a family 

Start conversations about neurodiversity in a relaxed way at home. Chat with your family about some of the things you enjoy, are good at, find difficult, and things you do to make yourself feel good.

Role modelling like this might make it easier for everyone in the family to think and talk about what helps them, too, including siblings. This doesn't need to be about having or not having a particular diagnosis. Neurodiversity means all of us!

Creating a 'neuro-affirmative' home like this shows all the young people in your family that: 

  • ​Their wants and needs are totally valid, and that they're safe to express them with people they trust.

  • People don't need to understand or agree with their boundaries in order to respect them.

  • They are enough and they belong - they don't need to change anything about themselves to be loved by you.

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